Our Story

Thank you for being here sisters and for hearing the call home.

Our journey of finding each other has been magical. In early 2021, we met through Instagram and after a few times connecting, both had the same (and separate) visions of Egypt and our life as sisters. This remembering activated something deep within our souls. It was the missing piece we had been searching for on this path for many years.

After that remembering, everything changed. Our hearts instantly recognized each other and we knew exactly what we had to do. The love. The visions. The ceremonies. It all poured through.

We have been blessed with the gifts of remembering and our deepest desire is to guide our sisters to remember, too. Our intention is to help you remember your innate wisdom, open your intuition with the full knowing that everything you need is inside of you. To know your power, your essence, divinity, and truth.

Through the energy of the Divine Goddess Isis, the Cosmos, Mother Gaia, and with our unique gifts from our life in Egypt as sisters, our activations are a way to
guide you to your light.

We hold you in pure love, we honour you, we see you, we love you, we thank you.

Leena and Fahra